Cursive is dead

So sayeth the n3rdling. (And CBS.)
I have to agree; the only thing I write in cursive any more is my signature. My handwritten print is much better, and cleaner. So much so that someone is supposed to make a font for me, at some point in his copious spare time. Even then, like Jon, I’d much rather type it than write it.
Jon brought up a good point in our discussion about it: if you type it–which nowadays means in to a computer–you can index it, search it, publish it; the possibilities are endless.
This is probably why my feeble attempts at journaling have all ended in failure. Printing is just too slow, cursive is too messy. I may fill up a couple dozen pages in a journal, then it tapers off to nothing. I guess what I need is a decent journaling app, where I can print out the individual entries to put in to a binder or some other hard copy product.

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