SpamSieve 2.0

Being the bad friend that I am, I failed to note Michael’s release of SpamSieve 2.0 last week. At least I have the excuse of a new son. 😀
SpamSieve is an awesome app that is effectively killing 90-95% of my daily email spam, and I have had 0–that’s zero–false positives for a good three months or more. Version 2.0 only makes a great product better. Outside of Apple’s, it supports practically every major email client for Mac OS X, and tightly integrates with my and Michael’s client of choice, Mailsmith.
SpamSieve is well worth the $25 registration fee, so support a shareware developer who will save you more than $25 of your time each and every day of your online life.
(Too obvious that I’m bucking for an unprecedented 3d quote at C-Command?)