So while the gloom of layoffs settled over the IT groups at VIS for the better part of a year, Chuck Lee, the former GTE CEO who sold us out to Bell Atlantic, is still picking up the perks:
bq. Verizon Communication’s former chairman and co-CEO, Charles Lee, became a “consultant” for the firm when he retired last year. In addition to the standard goodies, like office space, a staff, and use of an aircraft, he’s receiving a consulting fee of $250,000 per month. (That’s not a typo.) You’d think after getting paid $4 to $5 million in salary plus bonus over the past few years, and $27 million in options in 2002 alone, he’d have enough to retire on. Guess not.
So I may lose my job, but heaven forbid that Chuck Lee not get to ride around in the corporate jet while he “consults” on where the company can make cuts…