So the brilliant executive minds at Verizon Information Services finally decided on a plan for its IT personnel, and made said plan known to all of us yesterday at an 8 AM meeting: layoffs, or in corporate jargon, a RIF (Reduction In Force).
On the one hand, I can respect this decision, as I believe it better for the company than the other major proposal that was looked at, which was outsourcing IT personnel under AMDOCS, our main contractor, and provider of much of the core server software the business runs on.
Only everyone pretty much hates AMDOCS; their code is sloppy, as the Toad can well attest, and they’re arrogant to boot, with a “we know better than you” attitude toward even the most techincally competent among the Verizon IT staff (most of whom are more technically competent than said AMDOCS personnel). The only reason this scenario didn’t play out was because Verizon couldn’t get AMDOCS to swallow a lot of salary and benefits issues that would have taken better care of Verizon employees who were outsourced.
So my team lost three people yesterday, and I was one of them. I’m still on the payroll until 24 October, and the severance package looks pretty good.
So potential employers, I’m a Mac geek with a decade of experience in computer support, with a little HTML knowledge I’d like to expand on. I need to stay in the Dallas area, and I’m open to contract, contract-to-hire, or, best of all, permanent positions.

2 thoughts on “RIFfed

  1. I was RIF’ed on the same day. I was curious if you have seen any of your money, yet? I have tried calling the HR helpdesk (what a joke!). I have left several messages, but no one has called back. Just seeing if anyone else RIF’ed on the same day has received their money.

  2. Jamie,
    I received my unused vacation pay this past week, but not only did they take out taxes, which should have been the only thing taken out, they took out my standard insurance premiums and 401K contribution! I have yet to see my severance payment.
    The rumor mill stated that all severance payments, for both those who were RIF’ed as well as those who voluntary left, would be processed at the same time. (Thus continuing to screw those of us who were RIF’ed.) Look for your severance somewhere in mid-December.
    I will email you privately the contact info I have with the HR Crisis Team that is handling problems for those of us who were RIF’ed.

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