Ranked 4th, but no respect from the BCS

Both the ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ Poll, and the AP sportswriters’ poll have LSU at number 4, yet because of the “computer averages” used in their determination, the BCS still has them at number 7.
At least the Tigers have finally vaulted past Georgia, something they should have done after the Bulldogs barely scraped by a second-tier team like UAB. LSU, by contrast, had no trouble with their second-tier-team gimme game of the year. Both Georgia and LSU have had their troubles with those pesky Gators, though, haven’t they?

I dare anyone to show me how Virginia Tech, Florida State, and Miami have tougher schedules than LSU. (This is one of the things the BCS computers use to determine rankings.) The toughest teams these three face each year is each other! Miami owns the Big East, and VT and FSU own the ACC. Next year, all three can happily beat up on everyone else and one another in the ACC. Again, by contrast, SEC teams have to beat up on one another week after week, with the occasional gimme game. For Miami, practically every game, week after week, is a gimme game, and I was happy to watch VT stuff them in to the ground.
Granted, LSU has traditionally had a problem winning the “big one,” or blowing their chances at getting to the “big one.” With a #4 ranking, and the rest of their games all televised (not always a variable that plays to the Tigers’ favor), the strength and resolve of Nick Saban’s team will be tested like never before since he assumed the head coach’s mantle.