gCount: menu bar application for OS X that tells you when new mail arrives in your Gmail in box. So now you don’t have to keep a browser window open all the time to see when you get new Gmail. Of course, if you’re like a lot of the Gmailers I know, you’re still trying to figure out how much you’re going to use Gmail…
I do like the menu bar icon, and how it lights up red when you get new mail.

When your three-thousand dollar suit can actually stop bullets

I love the retro styling of Tivoli radios, and they now have a Sirius satellite radio model. Their web site, however, needs a lot of help.

Ben Hammersley has been busy:

XHTML Validator to RSS
Google to RSS
FedEx package tracking in RSS
Listing Installed Perl Modules in RSS

Links from MacUpdate, Wired, and Daring Fireball.

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