site’s radio nonsense

Have you head the radio ad from with the two guys, “We lost the client because we didn’t have a web site”? What utter tripe. Apparently, doesn’t have a clue how an actual sales meeting would work.
If I am a sales person, already in a client’s office, meeting face to face, half the battle is already won. I am the face of my company, especially if the company is my own. I have full knowledge and pricing of my company’s products, and can show examples to the client in question. Presumably, on my business card will be an e-mail address of some kind, so the client can get in touch with me in some manner other than by phone. If said client–who has met me, seen my examples, been given a catalog, brochure, or other marketing materials, as well as my prices–then decides to not buy my products or services simply because I do not have a web site, then said client is insane.
If by not having a web site means one would not have an e-mail address, then should note that in their commercial. The whole thing is nonsense, and really annoys me each time I have to hear it. And for crying out loud, don’t pay twenty bucks when you can go to GoDaddy and register a domain name for nine dollars.