To categorize or not to categorize?

That is the question.
I have wondered, of late, if I should continue to bother. If I shouldn’t just stop categorizing, and kill all current categories. As a blogger, some times it is downright annoying trying to categorize a post. If a category doesn’t yet exist, you have to create one. If you create one, then you may go months without a post assigned to that category again.
I have found, as a blog reader, that I really don’t pay attention to categories on others’ sites. If I discover a new blog, and want to read more than just the post that brought me there, I usually go in reverse chronological order, rather than sorting through categories.
I know some of my fellow bloggers out there utilize categories, and some do not. I’m looking for both bloggers and blog readers to weigh in on this issue. Leave your thoughts, pro or con (or both), in the comments.

3 thoughts on “To categorize or not to categorize?

  1. That’s why I have a “Musings” category, into which anything would go if I can’t think of a good reason to use one of my other categories.
    Personally, I do, on occasion, browse other sites by category. Admittedly not often, though.

  2. I have a two-account solution.
    Account 1: personal traffic
    Account 2: list traffic.
    Account 2 gets different categories, each for a list.
    Account 1 gets no categories. Personal mail is hard to categorize for me.

  3. When it comes to blog categories, I keep a couple extra available: Natural Philosophy (for random, smart things) and Incoherent Ramblings (for random, potentially stupid things). That keeps me on the straight and narrow category-wise.
    But they’re not required.

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