Gmail for Newties

I have some Gmail invitations to give away. All of my friends and online acquaintances already have accounts. It seems that Gmail4Troops has a surplus of invitations to give out.
So, here’s your chance to get in the club. These are the criteria, and you can leave them in the comments:
1. You must be a current Newton MessagePad or eMate owner. Not a former owner, not a wanna-be owner. It doesn’t matter which model Newton you own.
2. State your Newton’s model number, and provide a link to a picture of the device. A picture of your personal Newton, not a generic photo of your particular model. It can even be a crappy mobile phone shot.
3. Let us know if you still use your Newton every day, or is it more of a novelty you tinker with from time to time (like my 2100).
Obviously, there is a certain amount of trust involved on my end, and a lot of honesty involved on your end. Don’t be a lame faker. The first six (6) respondents get a Gmail account.