Audion ends at 3

Yes, I’m a wee bit behind in my web reading, having been on vacation last week, and I’m still getting caught up.
So Panic has retired Audion. Co-founder Cabel Sasser has a simply outstanding story of Audion that every Mac user should read. There is no boo-hooey, “why us?” whining, but rather a brutal examination of core business principles and personal desires, combined with a can-do, what’s-next? attitude.
I have long admired Cabel and Steven Frank, the “Panic guys” as I’ve personally referred to them. I see a kindred soul in Steven, and his office products-fetish, what’s-the-latest-and-greatest-PDA blog postings. I was an Audion 2 registered user, before converting full time to iTunes when I got my first iPod. I have been a registered user of Transmit since the days it was called Transit, and will continue to be so until something better comes down the pipe. Outside the command line, Transmit is, for me, the best FTP client out there right now on the Mac.
Personally, it is their rational reasoning, bereft of any whining on the part of big, mean, ol’ Apple–unlike other Mac developers who shall remain nameless– regarding their decision to retire Audion, rather than the decision itself, that further endears this company to my software-consuming wallet. Keep doing what you love doing, guys, because there are users out here who appreciate it.