ATPM 10.11

The November issue of About This Particular Macintosh is out. Lee’s cover is inspired. Mondo thanks to Gruber for playing along.
Ellyn explores the basics of the stock exchange, while Wes explores the discussions between “brushed metalheads and Aquaphiles”, and other happenings, in the Macintosh blogosphere. Reader Jon Allen Boone relays his computer-using saga, and how he came to switch to Mac OS X. Andrew Kator has a How-To on sharing web content.
Yours truly reviews Waterfield Design’s Medium Cargo bag, Wes examines the FrogPad USB, and Watts Martin weighs in on Nisus Writer Express 2.0. Andrew also looks at Stuffit Deluxe 9, and David Zatz compares the IOGEAR and Dr. Bott KVMs.
Cortland and iTrolls continue their strips, and we have some great desktop pictures from Ireland, courtesy of reader Mark Dickson. My favorite new segment, Frisky Freeware, explores Meterologist this month.
As always, ATPM is available in a variety pack for your reading pleasure.