Hack hack

Funny how differently colds affect folks. My son has been fighting one longer than I, and it manifests itself with a constantly running nose. Meds from the pediatrician are helping with that. And other than the runny nose, he’s been in his usual great mood for the most part.
For me, my nose doesn’t run, but instead the congestion drains down my throat, meaning I’m constantly coughing. OTC congestion and cough meds haven’t been doing the trick, and last night was the first with the new script from the doc. Still, I was lucky to have gotten four hours of sleep, the longest uninterrupted bit being around an hour and a half. Not to mention that the coughing lends itself to a near-constant headache, and I am not one who usually gets headaches.
The good news is that I can feel the new meds working. As the saying goes, it just takes time. Right now, with an empty house, I think it’s time for a nap.