Who’s going with me to the midnight show?

Being the incredibly lame Star Wars geek that I am–I was six when Episode IV came out, and have been hooked ever since–I have made it a tradition to see the prequels at the midnight showing on release day. The first episode was a quiet affair, just my spouse and I. For Attack of the Clones, we organized a small gathering of our friends to go with us.
Many things have changed in many of the lives that were with us that night of the last movie, including ours. We have a toddler now, and so my wife will not be making the midnight show of the last Star Wars film ever with me. Jeff has failed to respond to my inquiries. Michael isn’t interested in the series enough to go. FranX doesn’t do midnight shows for any movie. So how about it, Jim? Ricky? Brian?
Dear God, who is the pathetic nerd typing this post?