Recommendations, allow me to introduce Wish List

Why is it that any time I look at the recommendations Amazon puts forth for my viewing pleasure, half of them are already on my wish list? You would think that with all of the web services, back-end stuff Amazon is in to these days, they would have devised a system where the recommendations I’m shown contain nothing that is on my wish list.
Update, 11:00 PM CST: So I put my money where my mouth is and sent an e-mail with my suggestion to Amazon’s General Questions box. I did get a response, but it seems to be of the form letter type. One thing it mentions is tweaking the recommendations, and I looked in to that.
The problem here is that I can see the items on my wish list that are included in the recommendations. There is a box next to each item that is checked, and the caption reads “Use to make recommendations”. My issue here is, I want Amazon to use this type of item to make future recommendations, but I don’t want this specifc item to show up in my recommendations. So do I uncheck the box or not?