Fiber + phone = July 7

It is confirmed: a Verizon technician will be out on the afternoon of Thursday, the 7th of July, to install the required components for high-speed, fiber optic, broadband usage. We are going with the 15Mbps down/2Mbps up package, and we are cutting the cord with the regional ILEC, switching our local phone coverage to Verizon as well. We get to keep the same number, and will save a few bucks.
I know some people will wonder why we’re even keeping local, wired phone service, and the answer is simple: TiVo/DirecTV. It’s the only way to currently get service updates, etc., sent to the box. That, and our families still seem to call us at home, rather than on our mobiles, where a lot of the time, the calls would be free for either one or both parties. Go figure.

One thought on “Fiber + phone = July 7

  1. Fiber. I really hate you right now. :-p
    Anyway, I was toying with the idea of either reinstating a land line or getting a VoIP service to monitor the alarm that was in the condo I just bought, but then I learned that I could buy a cellular alarm module (kinda pricey, but I had some leftover cash from what I’d saved for closing) and pay an add’l $5 a month for monitoring ($25/mo. total) and be covered. That extra $5 is a helluva lot less than any phone service I could subscribe to, and has the benefit of being immune to both phone and cable lines being cut before being broken into.

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