Pod Squad

On my way to a doctor’s appointment this morning, I was listening to WBAP; the morning news crew is hysterical. During a commercial break, the station plugged it’s “On Demand” services, MP3 and WMA audio files of show broadcasts, nationally syndicated ones excluded, of course.
The on-air advertisement for the service had a line about joining the WBAP “Pod Squad,” a reference to dumping the audio on to your iPod. Everyone’s favorite digital audio player is the only such device referenced on the On Demand page, though it is misspelled as “iPOD.”
iPod, podcast, Pod Squad. Is it any wonder Gates and Ballmer have the willies over Apple’s digital music strategy?
[Leftist mouth-foamers beware: WBAP showcases those evil, twisted, right-wing neanderthals known as “conservatives”. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though I’m sure they’d appreciate any ratings bump they can get.]