fun softball

Fall ball

The fall softball season began yesterday for the co-ed church league I participate in. We opened against the sophomore contenders of First United Methodist of Lewisville. (Their rookie season was earlier this year, during the spring.) A lot of youngsters on the FUMC team, but that can cut both ways.
We had a full complement of players show up, and then some. We had three-way and two-way rotations going, as well as outright substitutes. I managed to play three of the six innings, squatting behind the plate and taking the hurls from Heather, our second pitcher of the game. So not much fielding work for me during the first game.
My time in the batter’s box showed the results of not putting bat to ball in four months. I went 0-2, sending out grounders that resulted in fielder’s choices, getting my teammates plugged at second. Definitely time to hit the cages, and friends for company be damned.
Everyone else did well at the plate, and our pitching and defense were superb. The final tally was 17-1, and we begin the season with a win. No play Labor Day weekend, and Katrina has seen fit to deny our trip to the New Orleans area to finish clearing out my wife’s childhood home. So I’ll try to take advantage of the off-week. Anyone for the batting cages and throwing around?