Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Presidents’ Day, this year on February 20th, has taken on an even more special meaning for me lately. Not only does it serve as the official holiday commemorating both the birthdays of George Washington (February 22d) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12th), but I’ve personally added another great American president to that illustrious list, Ronald Reagan. He would have been 95 today.
Mark Alexander:

Today marks the fifty-sixth anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s 39th birthday, as he would note it. Recently, the Gallup Poll asked Americans “Who do you regard as the greatest United States president?” and “Ronald Reagan” topped the list. This man of simple origins, a giant of a president, always and unfalteringly did what was right for America. He brought trust, dignity, and humility to the presidency. He was, as William Bennett once observed, “A man in possession of his own soul,” and he restored the nation’s values, its character, its soul. He was a gentleman and a Patriot. We, in turn, will always be indebted to Ronald Reagan, a mentor to our key staff, for his unselfish and devoted service to our country.

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