Super Bowl commercials

My observations on the commercials shown during the Super Bowl. My top five are at the bottom.
I’ve moved the entire work below the break.


5:33 PM CST
I can’t believe Burger King wasted two million dollars (or whatever obnoxious amount the spots are going for this year) on the “Whopperettes”.
5:40 PM CST (That was a short four downs, Steelers.)
The “Magic Fridge” Bud commercial had me cracking up.
5:43 PM CST
Living in Texas, I get Spanish shoved down my throat enough, thanks, Toyota.
I liked the FedEx “Caveman” commercial. Something very Dilbertian about it.
Regarding it and the Bud Light “Bear attack” commercial, my wife ponders “Why do people think people getting killed or mauled is funny?”
5:51 PM CST
The Diet Pepsi-“Diddy” commercial left me flat. Nice use of an iPod, though.
5:58 PM CST
The Ameriquest “That killed’em” commercial is hysterical.
6:05 PM CST
The Diet Pepsi-Jackie Chan “Stunt double” commercial is genius.
SBC-AT&T, ho-hum. Can we work on upgrading the Cingular network instead of flushing money down the Super Bowl bowl?
6:12 PM CST
You would expect there to be a Budweiser Clydesdale football game commerical. You weren’t expecting the “Streaker”, were you?
Mobile ESPN: I like my sports, but…
6:17 PM CST
The monkey commercials are soooo played.
Cadillac’s Escalade coming up through the model runway is a cool effect, but otherwise a yawner.
6:19 PM CST
They are looking for any excuse to go to commercial, aren’t they?
Tom Cruise attempts to get you to donate more money to Scientology with the third installment of the Mission Impossible movie franchise.
I think it speaks highly of Dove that they spent their Super Bowl money on the Dove Self-Esteem Fund.
6:25 M CST
Further proof Disney has run out of creative ideas: let’s remake The Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen.
Ford scores big with Kermit the Frog and “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” for the new Escape Hybrid. (Take note, Toyota.)
The Michelob Ultra “Touch Football” commercial doesn’t score.
6:35 PM CST
I’ve already seen GoDaddy’s commercial, and it’s certainly the least risque thing they’ve run to date. (Only because this was the fourteenth cut of the commercial, and the network finally allowed it.)
6:38 PM CST
Further proof all of Hollywood has run of original ideas: let’s remake The Poseidon Adventure and shorten the title.
In case you couldn’t figure out that Gilette was releasing a five-blade shaver with all the teasers they’ve been airing the past two weeks, they actually show you the razor this go-around.
The extended Desperate Housewives plug with Shaq, Hawk, Sugar Ray (the boxer, younglings, not the band), and Hef brought a smile.
6:42 PM CST
A typical commercial.
6:44 PM CST
Good call, bringing in Kelsey Grammar to voice the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary commercial.
6:55 PM CST
I was wondering what the Sprint “Crime Deterrent” was going to be. That got a smile out of me.
I thought the NFL Network’s Super Bowl “Today we’re all unified” commercial was appropriately touching.
Nothing new with Nissan’s Xterra commercial. More bragging over the Motor Trend award.
The Rolling Stones may have been a “safe” choice, but they sound like crap. What a shocker they open with “Start Me Up”, the most recognized Stones song to the modern generation, thanks to Microsoft. Another thought: are the Stones heavy investors in those cryogenic businesses out in Arizona?
Maybe next year the network and league can come up with some entertainment that’s not putting out music no one listens to and has to rely on its thirty-plus year-old hits and brainless fans who show up tour after tour to shell out money to hear the same songs over and over.
7:20 PM CST
The Ford Mustang commercial you’ve been seeing for…well, quite awhile.
Typical cute commercial from Jack-in-the-Box.
One of the Nissan Titan “Work Truck” commercials featuring the theme from Stripes.
Is your local news channel putting out commercials like our ABC affiliate, touting their news team?
7:25 PM CST
The Disney commercials with the Seattle and Pittsburgh players practicing “I’m going to Disneyland!” is genius.
7:34 PM CST
I thought the time lapse of the meteor rock was pretty cool. Didn’t think it would result in a mobile phone being deposited on a beach.
7:42 PM CST
Budweiser’s “I won’t tell if you won’t” commercial with the pony “pulling” the beer wagon is cute.
Nationwide’s “Fabio shampoo” commercial starts off kind of funny, then gets creepy.
I liked the “Old Days” NFL Mobile commercial. “We ate non-organic foods and had to use the Internet!”
7:49 PM CST
Like most Hummer commercials, the “Love is Strange” one for the H3, featuring the giant robot and Godzilla clone having a “baby” just struck me as kind of, well, stupid.
The PS cleaning solutions commercial with everyone in biohazard suits was cute.
7:54 PM CST
I didn’t see it coming in CareerBuilder’s “That’s okay, I work with a bunch of jackasses.” That brought a chuckle.
The latest in Taco Bell’s “Good to Go” series for the Crunchwrap Supreme, featuring geek love. She’s pretty cute; ever since my love and I both started wearing spectacles, I’m noticing more cute chicks with them.
8:01 PM CST
Toyota is 0-2, this time with one of their “indestructible” truck commercials. The commercials shows a Tacoma, via time-lapse photography/video surveillance, getting bounced around by ocean waves while the owner is out kayaking or surfing, or something. Note to Toyota: try making a truck that doesn’t look effeminate, then we’ll talk about how tough they are.
8:14 PM CST
Another Sprint commercial, on music downloads to your phone, with a burning couch.
Nice usage of the sideline hash marks as sound levels in ESPN’s Monday Night Football spot.
Here in DFW, we got a Dodge MegaCab truck commercial, and an American Airlines spot featuring a guy packing for his wife so he can take her on a surprise dinner trip out of town.
Ho-hum spot for the Acura RL.
8:23 PM CST
Degree’s spot highlights a stunt man in various every day situations taken to the extreme.
I’ve never found the Emerald’s Nuts commercials very funny, and the “Druid under the stairs” one doesn’t so anything to change that.
The Fidelity-Paul McCartney spot you’ve seen numerous times before.
8:29 PM CST
Totally computer-generated, of course, but the Bud commercial that purports to show fans in a stadium with those flip signs pouring beer from a bottle to a glass is decent.
The MasterCard-MacGuyver spot is the best of the night.
8:34 PM CST
Another Mobile ESPN spot.
Nice Honda Ridgeline commercial featuring mud flap characters, who have “been around trucks for a long time”.
Here’s to Beer offers “Cheers” in multiple languages.
8:40 PM CST
Great spot for the World Baseball Classic.
The GoDaddy spot airs again.
The ESPN Monday Night Football spot airs again.
Commerical for the new Ford Explorer. (Was this a DFW/Texas-only spot?)
8:53 PM CST
Spot for the movie Running Scared.
Outback Steakhouse commercial with a guy speaking in an Australian accent trying to pry a boomerang off the wall. The whole schtick is “coming back”.
Spot from the Westin hotel chain, announcing they’re going all non-smoking.
Pro Bowl spot that I didn’t really get.
Game Over
I consider these spots shown immediately after the conclusion of the game to be the last Super Bowl commercials of the night.
Blockbuster lets everyone in the nation know they’re going after Netflix.
The same TGIFriday’s you’ve seen for the past few weeks, what appears to be a new All State insurance spot, and the same “Calendar” commercial they’ve been showing lately.
Top Five
These are my favorite commercials from tonight.
1. MasterCard’s “MacGuyver”
2. Bud’s “Magic Fridge”
3. Ameriquest “That killed’em”
4. Diet Pepsi-Jackie Chan “Stunt Can”
5. Bud’s “Streaker”