Super Bowl pre-game thoughts

Three and a half hours of pre-game coverage wasn’t enough time to get through all of the crap leading up to this game that you had to waste the first ten minutes of the “official” start of game coverage with the introduction of the MVPs from the previous thirty-nine Super Bowls?
Regarding the National Anthem: why do great singers feel compelled to remind us they’re great singers when they get up to sing “The Star Spangled Banner”? (I’m looking at you, Mr. Neville.) Just sing the song and show it some respect. (Side note to ABC and the NFL: you’re having a big enough spectacle at half time. There’s no need to make our National Anthem one, too.)
Did the Seattle Seahawks pick “Bittersweet Symphony” as the song to play when they were introduced? Dudes. Bad song to pick for a football game for the name alone. Bad song to pick for a football game for the music. (And I like the song.)
Then again, at least I recognized “Bittersweet Symphony”. The same cannot be said for the song which played when the Steelers were introduced.
Though the Steelers are the “road” team, they certainly appear to be the fans-in-the-stands favorite. Not surprising, given Detroit homeboy Jerome Bettis leading Pittsburgh on to the field.