Does no one like the middle?

Something struck me a few minutes ago: does anyone live in the middle of Missouri? The two most populous cities, St. Louis and Kansas City, are on the eastern and western edges of the state, respectively. You never hear about any other place in the Show Me State, except for Springfield.

One thought on “Does no one like the middle?

  1. Having lived fer 8 years in Misery.. err Missouri.. heck, I’m so traumatized I can’t even spell the name ..
    Branson isn’t a bad place to visit, but I lived in the middle – Warrensburg, MO. Near Whiteman AFB, current home to several Stealth’s, but at the time, home to some of the USAF MAD missle sites. Dad was a SP, and was stationed at those remote locations..
    Example scenery..
    Dirt road..
    Corn field, corn field, wheat, little shack with razor wire fence and quys with M16’s, corn field..

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