On my birthday in history

You know, if it weren’t Lee, and it wasn’t about history, I’d ignore this meme. For one, I don’t utilize Wikipedia, and two, I don’t usually go in for Internet memes. However, since it did come from Lee, and it is about history, on December 3d:
1805Lewis and Clark Expedition mark their explorations from the Missouri River overland to the Columbia River on a pine tree.
1818Illinois becomes the 21st U.S. state.
1973 – Pioneer program: Pioneer 10 sends back the first close-up images of Jupiter.
– 1368 – King Charles VI of France (d. 1422)
– 1826 – George McClellan, U.S. Civil War general (d. 1885)
– 1970 – Christian Karembeu, French international footballer and World Cup winner (had to include someone born the same year as I)
– 1888 – Carl Zeiss, German lens maker (b. 1816)
– 1894 – Robert Louis Stevenson, British writer (b. 1850)
– 1919 – Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French impressionist painter (b. 1841)
Due to the facts that (1) as previously mentioned, I don’t like Internet memes, and perhaps more importantly, (2) Lee and Lawson have already tagged pretty much anyone I would, I’m going to be a nice guy and let this die here.