Let’s keep the phones off during flight

Word is that Air France is going to experiment with the use of cell phones at 30,000 feet. Leave it to the stereotypically rude French to encourage rude behavior.
One of the many reasons smoking was banned on most airplanes was that it was quite simply rude to your non-smoking neighbor seated two inches to your left or right. Talking on your mobile phone falls in to the same realm of common courtesy. It’s annoying enough that people are already on the phone while the plane is taxiing, much less popping them open the second the aircraft stops at the gate. I certainly don’t want to hear about the business deal you’re on your way to transact (and I’m quite certain your employer and/or client wouldn’t appreciate others knowing about it, either), and I definitely don’t want to hear about Uncle Rosco’s mole removal.
I think the current regulations regarding mobile phone use are fair and reasonable. Sometimes, it pays to have common courtesy enforced, and air travel is one of those times.
[Wave of the phin to inFlightHQ.]