The Friendly Indians

I learned of The Friendly Indians earlier this year, after watching and becoming a fan of the USA show Psych. The Injuns, as they call themselves, are responsible for the show’s theme song, I Know You Know, which can only be downloaded (direct link to MP3) from the band’s web site. This is true of any music by The Friendly Indians; you won’t find them on the iTunes Music Store.
They offer several songs for download, eleven in total, though you’ll have to hunt their site for one in particular. Nearly half of the available songs are from their most recent disc, Pure Genius, which is the only one currently for sale.
I picked up subtle vibes throughout some of the songs which reminded me of Paul Westerberg and The Replacements, with a little Better Than Ezra, too. “Fat Tuesday” was most evocative of the latter, seeing as how BTE is from New Orleans, and the Injuns’ song is about the most party-filled day of the year in the Big Easy. “Pump Room”, and “Just This Side of Insincere” are among my personal favorites, as well as “Vancouver”.
If you’re in Orange County, the band’s home base, be sure to catch a live show. The rest of us will have to live off the provided downloads, and for now, the sole CD for sale. The band’s fun, the songs toe-tapping, and neither disappoint.