Today’s shuffle first ten

Hit the shuffle button in iTunes this morning, and here are the first ten songs to play. Podcasts and audiobook chapters were ignored with help from the forward button. Song links go to the iTunes Store, album links go to Amazon.
1. “Soldiers Under Command” – Stryper, Soldiers Under Command
2. “Heaven Is a 4 Letter Word” – Bad English, Bad English
3. “Already Gone” – The Eagles, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975
4. “Party” – Boston, Don’t Look Back
5. “Come, Now Is The Time to Worship” – Noel Richards, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
6. “Do You Hear What I Hear” – Out of Eden, City On a Hill: It’s Christmas Time (When you shuffle your entire iTunes library, invariably you’ll get a Christmas tune or two.)
7. “Weather the Storm” – Michael James, Closer to the Fire
8. “Partita No. 3 For Violin: Menuets 1 And 2” – Baby Needs Baroque
9. “Bring the Rain” – MercyMe, Coming Up to Breathe
10. “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination” – Glady Knight & The Pips, Forrest Gump: The Soundtrack
So what are you listening to today?