Night at the Museum

I was going to blog about this yesterday, until I got slammed with the norovirus, aka, the stomach flu.
My beautiful bride had Monday off (if the stock market’s closed, her office is closed), so we did some shopping, sans little phisch, and decided to take in a movie. I wasn’t in the mood for anything too serious, and the movie I really did want to see, Eragon (great book), has all but disappeared from most theaters. So we decided on the Ben Stiller vehicle, Night at the Museum.
We at the phischbowl heartily recommend Night at the Museum. It’s wholesome fun for the entire family, and you may even learn a thing or two. (Regarding the “entire family” bit: I wouldn’t take my three year-old, mostly because he’d probably be bored, but I can see my friend’s second-grader thoroughly enjoying the film.)
Ben Stiller is, well, Ben Stiller, though not in a goofy Zoolander sort of way, more like in an Along Came Polly or Meet the Parents sort of way. Robin Williams is great as Teddy Roosevelt, though not in the usual obnoxious Robin Williams sort of way. I thought Steve Coogan was very amusing as Octavius, and a great foil for the uncredited Owen Wilson’s Jedediah. Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, and Bill Cobbs are great as the three retiring security guards Stiller’s Larry Daley is taking over for.
One hint: don’t leave immediately when the credits roll; there will be two more scenes within the credits you don’t want to miss.