Wave of Sorrow

Originally slated for inclusion on the Joshua Tree album twenty years ago, this song remained unfinished until just recently:

It can now be found on disc two of the 20th anniversary edition of Joshua Tree.
[Wave of the phin to the Fontosaurus.]

2 thoughts on “Wave of Sorrow

  1. When I saw the title of your entry, I thought it was going to reference Michigan’s request for permission to talk to Les Miles on Saturday night.
    And, from Neal Mcready’s column (Mobile Press-Register in Alabama): http://www.al.com/sports/press-register/nmccready.ssf?/base/sports/1196331763263180.xml&coll=3&thispage=6
    Check out the list of potential candidates for LSU if Miles goes. I’m pulling for Saban, just for the chaos and drama. Oh, man! That would be beautiful for Auburn fans!

  2. While I would be (and likely will be) sorry to see Miles leave for Michigan, I certainly would never characterize it as a “wave of sorrow”. Like most reasoning LSU fans, I knew what I was getting with Les Miles, and I don’t begrudge him taking the Michigan job, should he be offered it, one single bit.
    Re: the potential LSU coaches mentioned in the Press-Register article…
    I think there would be riots on campus in Baton Rouge if Saban was brought back. I don’t think many LSU fans, myself included, begrudged him leaving for the NFL. I had the sense that Saban relished a challenge, and having reached the summit in college football, he was ready to move on. Then he showed his true mercenary colors, ditching the Dolphins after only two years, and went to probably the worst possible college he could have gone to, from the perspective of LSU fans. Seriously, if he’d come back to any other SEC school, I don’t really think he would’ve been ragged on nearly as hard. Seeing as how Saban now seems to drift whichever way the greenest pasture grows, I would not like to have him as my school’s coach.
    I can’t really put my finger on what it is, but Spurrier just doesn’t sound like a good fit for the Tigers. I can’t point to anything specific. It just seems like the name “Spurrier” is anathema to “LSU Tigers”.
    I’m not sure about Del Rio. He seems to be solidly entrenched, professionally, in the NFL, and I wonder if he might be one of those NFL guys who sees head coaching a college team as a step down, and always have a bit of resentment about it in the back of his mind. Maybe he’s not like that at all, and he’d be an awesome college coach. He’s the big unknown of the four mentioned.
    I’d take Bob Stoops in a heartbeat, if Oklahomans aren’t willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, just because the Sooner program is in a down swing. It’s really, really hard to build dynasties in college football any more, and fans and schools should look at the long term as a series of cycles. Oklahoma’s in something of a down cycle right now, but they’re going to come back. Heck, they could win the Big 12 championship in two days and go to a BCS bowl. And they want to dump Stoops? Are you kidding? I think he’d be a great fit at LSU.
    But not Saban. Not again. He had his chance.

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