Slow days, slower words.

I learned to type on a non-electric typewriter, in the days before Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing apps were available, so there’s a wee bit of nostalgia here.

But just a little.


Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most fun people around the NBA to spend any time around, mainly because with Shaq, the impossible quickly become a reality.

Visit the police force, show off your skills on a shooting range and leave behind a humorous message? Totally Shaq.


Mike Richard, left, and his wife, Dawn, watch a Fourth of July fireworks display over the Mississippi River in downtown Baton Rouge.

July the 4th in South Louisiana – The Advocate

Advocate staff photo by Heather McClelland

Fond memories of the Kidd. Many a visit there, including one for the Social Studies Fair in middle school. My partner and I netted second place in the history category.