Like, I already don’t understand how you could listen to @TheDollyrots and not get a smile on your face, but if you watch them just being themselves and don’t grin, brother, you need to get out more!…

“Any last words, Winston?”

“Have fun out there.”

Hell. Yes.

I may have laughed at this much harder and longer than I should’ve.…

I texted this link to my wife, and her immediate response was “Listening to one now!”

Released in the summer of 2020, in the heart of Covid-19 uncertainty, and featuring past and present members of the band, here’s Sacred Warrior’s awesome metal version of “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand”:…

Speaking of All For the King, this is the song that introduced me to them, and it remains my favorite of theirs:

If you don’t smile at least once during this video, I have to question if you have a soul. Just delightful.

Glad to see these young men having so much fun with their talent. Well done, gents.…

Brent Spiner in the role that made him famous.


A Modern ‘Rogue One’ Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’

This is great!

Love this song.