Comcast woes

So at some point yesterday morning, our broadband connection died. We both had been using it in the early morning, checking email, pulling up web pages, that sort of thing. But when I went back to do the same around 10:30-11ish, no connection. Checked the cable modem; no connection with cable.
Now, we’ve been experiencing drop-outs left and right for the past few months on a seemingly regular basis. I’ve chalked it up to the Comcast buyout of AT&T’s broadband business, and the switching over, but it is getting a little ridiculous. Not to mention that even before the buyout happening, we had more broadband dropouts in any single month than a I did in a year and a half with Verizon DSL at our old house.
Spent about two hours on the phone with a Comcast tech yesterday. The guy was very competent, I’ll give him that, and we tried a myriad of things. I had even gone out and bought a new cable modem, just in case that was the problem. It does not appear to be. Other friends in the neighborhood still have their connections, and there’s no reported outage for our area. So the tech and I are both thinking that’s something’s screwy at the junction box. We’ll find out later today; an on-site tech is due between 2 and 5.
The past year and couple of months with broadband cable as soured me on it, however. Especially when you’re trying to run a server on that connection. Said server has now moved, however, to the more reliable business-class DSL line of a friend.
DSL was never available in our area when we first moved here, which is why we had to go with cable for broadband. I have begun research on if I can get DSL now, even though it will be “slower” than the shared 1.5 Mbps of the cable connection. The Verizon DSL web site claims that we’re “pre-qualified,” which you would think means that our line checks out for it, but we’ve been pre-qualified before, and then I spoke with a live CSR only to be told that we’re not in an area serviced by Verizon DSL.
Which would leave me the small local telco, Advantex, which does offer DSL service, but for $10 more a month than what I’m paying for cable. (We get $10 knocked off our bill each month for providing our own cable modem.) The question again would be is Advantex’s DSL offered in our area. I’ll follow up with the two DSL providers on Monday.
All I know is that dial-up sucks these days for most everything but email…