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Eric rocks

I have been lamenting the fact that I did not go with a Flickr Pro account a few months back, instead opting for another service. At the time, it was probably the reasonable decision, as the Flickr Pro accounts didn’t have all of the amenities they do now.
So I had actually been considering anteing up for the Flickr Pro account, because I realized I would use it more than the other service.
Tonight, out of the blue, during an IM conversation, Eric offers me a free-for-a-year Flickr Pro account he was given as a in-beta Flickr Pro account holder. “Problem” solved!
However, even though I am filled with gratitude for Eric’s generosity, he doesn’t want word getting out. He’s trying for that curmudgeon rep, and if he appears all nice and everything, that will never happen. So make sure you don’t link to this post any where. Maybe you shouldn’t even be reading it. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing it. Maybe I should delete it…