How, exactly, am I supposed to obtain experience if…?

Earlier today, I applied for an IT&S Manager position with a local hospital. Late this afternoon, I received a reply:


I appreciate your quick response. The hospital insists that all candidates have a healthcare background in a hospital setting.

I am sure that your experience and background will generate interest in the IT industry. Unfortunately, I am unable to assist you, being focused entirely in the healthcare industry.

Good luck,

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Now, this is for an IT position, mind you. So they want their IT people to have a background in the healthcare industry. I can understand that. It makes sense to a degree.
However, and someone correct me if they know of some cloning procedure to which the rest of us are not privy: people are not born with, nor enter the workforce, with any particular experience whatsoever. For me to obtain a “healthcare background,”it stands to reason that someone has to take a chance and give me a shot, does it not? It’s the age-old catch-22:
“We’re looking for someone with experience in this area.”
“How am I supposed to gain experience in this area unless someone gives me a chance at it?”
It’s not like I can up and start my own hospital tomorrow to gain a “healthcare background.”