Today’s miscellany

I’ve been trying to send some e-mails with attachments via Gmail, from within Safari. Frustrated, I launched the 1.0b1 version of Camino, and it worked the first time I tried.
If Camino could mimic the easy subscribability of Safari when it comes to RSS and Atom feeds, there would be no looking back. Based on my own usage, Camino is consistently faster than Safari at rendering, uses less RAM over time, and remains more stable.
Then Tom has to go and remind me why Safari kicks butt when it comes to designing for standards.
An article in the latest Macworld has prompted me to look seriously at My personal work habits have evolved to the point where I’m no longer worried about keeping bookmarks synced between two systems, but the prospect of an online backup of my bookmarks, that I could access from any where, is appealing. I’m coming closer all the time to my own personal death knell for .Mac.
Anthro’s eNook is so cool it almost makes me wish I didn’t have enough space to get one. Almost.
A happy belated to Tiffany.
Finally, my thanks to Tom. He knows why.