The MLB Postseason

Division playoff series kick off today, and I thought I would post my totally-uneducated picks.

The Oakland-Minnesota series looks, to me, to be the best match-up, and should be very entertaining. It could honestly go either way. Dan will be pulling for the Twins, while Tom roots for his hometown A’s, so IM chatter should be fun. I wouldn’t be surprised by the Twins moving on, but I think we’ll see Oakland playing for the American League championship.

The Padres’ magic ride is going to come to a halt when the Cardinals crush them and move on.

Speaking of magic, the Yankees will likely use some to string out their series with Detroit, but I think the Tigers are going to continue to shock the league and advance to face the Athletics.

I think a Dodgers-Cards matchup in the National League championship would be great. Sorry, New Yorkers, no chance for a Subway Series the rest of the country wouldn’t care about any way. LA just has to get past the Mets first, though it will probably take them six games to do so. From a purely nostalgic view, it would be nice to see the Dodgers in the World Series again.

We’ll revisit these in a couple of weeks, when I’m sure I’ll be totally wrong on all counts. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying what is quite possibly the best sports month: Major League Baseball, college football, and the beginning of NHL hockey!