First photos with the 400D

My first digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix, the model number of which I cannot recall, but it was one of those swivel-body jobs, purchased in 2000 prior to our first trip to the Hawaiian Islands. This was later sold to a friend when, a few months prior to the birth of our son, I got a Canon PowerShot G3.
The G3 died last week, its sensor having given up the ghost. (Though apparently not entirely giving up the ghost; what you get on the LCD and in photos is an ethereal quality, something like a film negative only much more otherworldly. I’m sure there’s a horror movie plot in there somewhere.)
I had been wanting to step up in to the digital SLR (dSLR) world for a while, and knew I would make the leap with Canon’s 400D (the Digital Rebel XTi in the U.S., but 400D sounds much better, is easier to say, and definitely easier to type). Yesterday, my 400D arrived from B & H Photo, and after charging the battery, I set the lens and camera on auto and took some test shots in the backyard.

Click on the photo to see the entire set.

I have a lot to learn, but I’m looking forward to it. Ever since my parents got a Kodak Disc Camera for me during middle school, photography has held a certain fascination, much more so than video has. (Which explains why we have a ton more photos of our son than we do video.) I inherited my dad’s old 35mm, which saw a ton of use shooting black-and-white rolls when I was on the yearbook staff as a high school senior. A Minolta 35mm, which we still have and sits in a closet, went with us to the United Kingdom in ’95, and elsewhere, until the Nikon came along. Since then, with a few exceptions, I’ve shot entirely on digital, and I’m happy to be back in the SLR world with the 400D.

Derek Webb

On September 25th this year, our church hosted a concert by Derek Webb, of Caedmon’s Call fame, along with his wife, Sandra McCracken.

Derek Webb Concert - 13
Derek Webb, accompanied by his wife, Sandra McCracken.

I had a good seat (thanks, Samantha!), and took a few shots of the couple as they performed, plus of the good-sized crowd before the concert, and in between sets.
Beyond his lyrical abilities, one of the things I admire about Derek is his desire to simply get the message of God’s love out there. At one point during his set, he remarked how he was going to freak out all the lawyers and record executives by telling all of us to share his music with whomever we wanted to. Earlier this year, he had even gone so far as to put his latest album, Mockingbird, online as a free download. He says it was a very successful experiment.

More baseball in December

Three days after seeing Michael Young get his 200th hit of the 2006 season, Brent and I were back at the Ballpark in Arlington. This time, we were about 23 rows up behind home plate. I didn’t take a lot of shots, because the net behind the plate gets in the way.

Click the photo to see the entire set.

Baseball in December

Well, baseball photos, any way.

I’ve let myself get way too far behind on processing and uploading photos, so I’m making a concerted effort over the next few days to get caught up.

Back in September, thanks to a generous church member, Brent received four tickets to the Rangers game on the 16th. Four primo tickets, sixth row, first base line, just to the right of first. It was the closest any of us had ever sat at a major league baseball game, and Brent and I were way excited. It was the sort of opportunity that makes me pine for a digital SLR with a telephoto lens or two.

The highlight of the evening–besides the Rangers winning, that is–was seeing Michael Young collect his 200th hit of the season. I’ve uploaded a photo set to my Flickr account.

Rangers, 16 September 2006 - 31
Michael Young hitting number 200.

Macbook Egg Frying

Macbook Egg Frying

Originally uploaded by Pieter Pieterse.

You’ve heard the expression, “hot enough to fry an egg”. Pieter Pieterse decided to do exactly that, whipping up a little breakfast poultry with his MacBook Pro.


Photo mosaics have become popular; I have one of Darth Vader, made up of different scenes from Episodes 4-6.
There are many tutorials online for making your own photo mosaics, but John Tolva has one where you create your mosaic with LEGOs. You’ll need Photoshop, and a healthy bank account for all those LEGO pieces you’ll be buying.
[Via Photojojo.]

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How close to you and yours does a convicted sex offender live? Find out, thanks to Family Watchdog.
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Happy Birthday to the United States Coast Guard, which turns 216 years old today.