“5 actors who should be the next Indiana Jones”

No one. That’s who. The character went out perfectly in Last Crusade. He should’ve stayed gone.

I’m not linking to the clickbait article, but it’s on Digital Trends if you want to search for it with the above headline.

The AOR rabbit hole I have disappeared down today after listening to Revolution Saints’ latest single, thanks to Apple Music’s infinite playlist, has been spectacular. Added some new tunes to the library.

Having just watched the original Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve Superman from 1978, I noted several little nods to this film that showed up in Man of Steel.

“There is no heaven that has a little corner of hell in it.”

What a line. Oswald Chambers knew what was up with God’s redemptive work in our lives.

It opens today’s devotional: https://utmost.org/the-inevitable-penalty/

“When You Walk,” from last year’s Q.A.R., shows that Kerry Livgren and Greg X. Volz still have their fastballs, both aging like a great whiskey. Love this song. https://kerrylivgren.bandcamp.com/track/when-you-walk

Finished Joel Rosenberg’s latest last night, finally completing his Marcus Ryker series I began in mid-April. Stellar books, definitely recommended.

Immediately began Don Bentley’s penultimate foray into the Ryanverse. 📚

Because my sister knows they’re my jam, she sends me this.

No other words for it. That was just flat-out embarrassing. Champions definitely do not wear gold on this Sunday.

Let’s rally for the final game tomorrow, Tigers! #ForeverLSU

<Putty voice> “Gotta support the team.”

Champions wear gold on Sundays.

Let’s close this out, LSU baseball!

#GeauxTigers #LSU

Oh look, it me.

I told my kids I need to 'tape' something and realized they have no idea what I meant and then I crumbled into ancient dust and my spirit went to live in an abandoned Blockbuster video